Vinegar is a common element in our kitchens, but there are many varieties, so we may doubt which one would be more convenient for each dish. Wine, apple, balsamic, raspberry, etc. With so much variety, which vinegar is better to cook?

First we have to say that it is a complex issue that does not have a single answer, and according to the dish we are going to cook, it will be better to use one or another variety of vinegar. We will detail the different uses of vinegar and the dishes in which it is more convenient to use each kind of vinegar.


Wine Vinegar.

Whether they are of white or red wine, wine vinegars are perfect to flavor a simple salad, for pickling brine or for dishes in which the vinegar intervenes contributing with an acid touch, for example by adding some drops of vinegar in the final phase of cooking the lentils. That inexpensive vinegar is the most commonly used in all households.

A Very interesting use is for making poached eggs by adding a vinegar splash in the casserole with boiling water. This way the egg white wraps the yolk, the leaving the poached egg more collected.


Reserve Wine Vinegar.

This is the perfect vinegar, it is ideal when you want to give a leading role to its flavor; Such as when we have to prepare a cold vegetable soup. It is a balance of fruity flavor, as acid touch and a more toasted color than the classic one, which makes it perfect for salad dressings.


Balsamic Vinegar

Balsamic vinegar is characterized by it sweet taste and its dark color, it presented in a bottle in liquid from or more concentrated as reductions or a cream. A curious fact is that for the elaboration of balsamic vinegar, musts of wine are used providing it with a sweet flavor, it is perfect for using in special dressings because of its intense aroma, mixed with olive oil. Also to prepare strong meat stews, as hunting meat (duck, lamb…)

In salad it important to be careful with quantities because it’s excess is noted a lot, covering the other flavors. Also it can be used to make ice cream by missing a dash of this vinegar with custard before putting in the ice cream maker.


Fruity Vinegars (Apple, Raspberry, Mango...)

This type of vinegar is used sometime to give a special touch to different salads, or when adding walnuts to some desserts. There will always be white wine vinegar, nevertheless, to provide exotic aromas.

To a dressing, you can use this type of vinegar. Also in holiday dishes with foie gras aperitifs, fish dishes, or for making salad dressing. Apple vinegar is powerful to burn fat, even if doesn’t have a miracle result but its certainly helps in digestion of fats.

We hope with these trips, you may have clear which vinegar is better to use for cooking. And also attempt to use each of them according to most appropriate, and depending of what you are cooking.


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