Household cleaning
  1. To eliminate the lime of the metallic surfaces, It is best to warp the dirty element in a cloth soaked in BioEmpe vinegar; this will make the lime soften. Let it acting for 10 minutes and then clean it with water and a cloth. Never rub with a metal scouring pad.
  2. BioEmpe undiluted vinegar can be used as a rinsing agent to prevent debris sucks in the dishwasher. Also you can wipe water taps stained with lime with a cloth soaked in BioEmpe vinegar. Until they can be heavily scrubbed with a brush.
  3. To clean a shower obstructed by the lime, extract it from the tube and place in a saucepan full of BioEmpe vinegar. Bring to a simmer for a few minutes, ensuring that it does not boil and then rise out.
  4. A solution of half water and half BioEmpe vinegar demolishes the grime of shelves and the walls of the refrigerator, in addition it can eliminate the scent of damaged food.
  5. The BioEmpe undiluted vinegar eliminates the stain that are difficult to remove from crystals, also making the porcelain skins shine.
  6. Cleaning the interior of the refrigerator with a rag soaked in BioEmpe vinegar avoids the appearance of unpleasant smells.
  7. A mixture prepared with 1/3 bioempe vinegar, 1/3 of ammonia and 1/3 of water can be used to clean bronze items.
  8. To clean and polish the chrome plate. Rub them with a cloth soaked in vinegar.
  9. Adding BioEmpe vinegar to the water bucket, you will get brilliant floors, parquets and pallets. at the same time; you can use our vinegar to clean potter’s clay or ceramic floors.
  10. Sponges and dishcloths sometimes smell bad after a few days of use. To disinfect and eliminate the bad odor. Leave to soak overnight in a water solution with ¼ cup of BioEmpe vinegar. The next day wash them and say goodbye to bad smells.
  11. To clean and disinfect the cutting boards, clean them with BioEmpe vinegar; you will eliminate the bacteria that are usually left in the marks and grooves that table usually have.
  12. Removing residue from the dishwasher soap. Put inside the container a cup of BioEmpe vinegar, then perform a wash cycle without soap or dishes.
  13. In order to eliminate the difficult grease or splashing of the oven. Prepare dough with one cup BioEmpe vinegar and ¼ of laundry detergent powder. Heat the oven at 180º for 5 minutes. Turn off, and then extend the paste in the area with the most stubborn dirt, leave to stand for one hour. Then clean away gently with a sponge dampened in BioEmpe pure vinegar, to prevent grease from sticking again.
  14. To clean the oven microwave, place inside a container with 1 cup of water and ¼ of BioEmpe vinegar. Heat up to maximum power for 5 minutes. Once the liquid cools, use it to go over with a cloth or sponge inside, you will note that it easily remove splashes.
  15. If wastepipe is slightly slow and the water takes a little to run, put a half a cup of salt and 2 Cups of boiling BioEmpe vinegar. Finally run hot and cold water.
  16. To keep the shower or the tub clean and bright, every two days spray with BioEmpe vinegar then go over with a sponge. With this easy procedure you will erase the bacteria also keeping it shiny for longer time.
  17. To wipe out or attenuate the marks formed in the toilet, just above the water level, add two to cups of BioEmpe vinegar and leave overnight. Then you can proceed with the cleaning, it will be easier to erase the marks.
  18. Vinegar is a great descaling. Pure, it helps to eradicate the marks left by hard water in crystals, sinks, toilets, bathtub, etc.


Make sure never to use vinegar on surfaces made of: laidgranigle, granite or slate.


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