1. Vinegar has been traditionally used in treatments against angina, arthritis, asthma, hay fever, hypertension and all kinds of respiratory and digestive diseases. Furthermore, it can purify the intestine and prevent fermentation in it.
  2. Among its many properties we have found that it is excellent for improving digestion, as its increase the enzyme’s function.
  3. It accelerates burning fat; facilitating weight loss in people who use it regularly in their stimulates diuresis without losing the necessary levels of potassium in the body.
  4. Vinegar is an excellent remineralizer. It is rich in beta-carotene which protects our skin, relieving the inflammation. We can find it present in many prepations as much as in natural formulations of beauty.
  5. Vinegar also acts as a skin refresher. It can evaporate quickly, producing a soft freshness, it also removes the sun heat and sunburn itching.
  6. If we have foot fungus and bad odor. We only need to prepare foot bath in a bucket of water and BioEmpe vinegar.
  7. In addition white wine vinegar helps in cases of ear infection, cold sores, and stomach ache; its antibacterial proprieties improve the digestion and relieve the constipation, by taking a solution of white wine vinegar, hot water and a spoon of honey.
  8. Moreover, vinegar can lower the blood sugar levels, avoiding possibilities of getting diabetes type 2: as a result it will reduce the insulin injections. That will happen if we just take 2 spoons of vinegar before each meal. Some studies have proved these finding also noting a slight loss of weight without a diet: between 2 and 4 kilos in one month.
  9. Relieve the sore throat. Many people recommend taking sips or gargle with a solution of one tablespoon of white wine vinegar diluted in a cup of warm water to relieve the sore throat. You can add several tablespoons of honey to the solution to make it more effective and more pleasant in the palate.
  10. 10. Although most doctors say there are not cures for the hiccups, there are thousands of people who swear that vinegar is one way to alleviate these spasms. We are not sure exactly how it is that a shot of vinegar can help stop them. Unless it is the distraction that the flavor causes. But next time you have hiccups. Try it.


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