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Gran Selección Dinastía 1919 (EN)
Gran SelecciónDinastía 1919
gotas verde

The name distinguishes it “Raw” alludes that this oil is natural filtration by decantation before packaging .our objective is for our consumer to have it as obtained in the oil mill. It offers a very healthy and natural olive oil extract.
This oil has been extracted from the Arbequina olive variety, collected and crushed the day November 12th, 2014.
During all the manufacture process, we had never elevated the temperature above 27ªC, thereby (cold press) all the organoleptic as well as the vitamins remain almost intact.

gotas azules

The family reserve balsamic vinegar, elaborated with reserve vinegar and sweet wine. It is aged with classic vintages system in oak barrels, which it is previously soaked in Pedro Jiménez wine and aged for 5 years at the least.
It is mahogany dark vinegar with dried raisins gold trim. It’s a Gathering range of flavors that brings back the Origen of Pedro Xeminez vinous raisins, and unctuous, wide, light and smooth with a wood touch in the Palade. It is perfect to provide a bittersweet and light touch in salads, nuts, fatty fish, strawberries and ice-cream...

gotas magenta

Our production of ecological virgin olive oil is the exponent of flavor and comes from our ecological crops and carries the flavor of the fertile soil and the sun. Is an Authentic expression of color, aroma and flavor.
With a leaf-green color and golden hues, typical cloudy aspect of unfiltered oils.In the nose, it is remarkable for its fragrances of the surrounding green fruit, with a touch of fresh grass. On the palate it is fresh with slight bitter aroma and a little spicy. A pleasant aftertaste, with the persistence of olive fruit taste and spiciness.

gotas gris

Deliciously well balanced vinegar, it’s produced by traditional methods, with fresh raspberries cultivated in Asturias Spain. It’s a gourmet product that stands out for its great velvety and bittersweet flavor. We can enhance the flavor of fatty fish, bush meat, fruit salads and all kind of rice. Providing fresh and original test with an acidity touch and at the same time sweet.


Cervera Street, 16
13700 Tomelloso (C. Real)

logo grupo


T: +34 926 510 290 



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