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  • To remove sticker: heat a little bit of BioEmpe vinegar in the microwave, and then soak a cloth in this vinegar. Put the wet cloth on top of the label and leave it until it is well saturated. It will remove it completely leaving no residue of glue. This trick also takes off the adhesive used to glue wallpaper.
  • To clean the brushes. You forgot to wash the brushes last time you used them, and now they are hard and you are going to throw them away. WAIT! Fill a casserole with bioempe vinegar and boil it to simmer for a few minutes. Soak the brushes in the boiling vinegar one at a time and rub the brushes against the bottom of the saucepan. The process continues until the paint dissolves.
  • The vinegar reacts with iron oxide rust, removing small metals such as hinges, nuts and screws. Boil them to simmer in a saucepan full of BioEmpe vinegar. And then rinse well with water to prevent the vinegar from affecting the metal.



  • To keep the pets away from our plants, we can use wine vinegar. Since pets don’t like their smell. Soak a several rags in pure vinegar overnight, and then hang them on strikes around the plants. The vinegar odor will last even when the cloths are dry .soak the rags once a week.
  • To remove the bird dropping from the floor and surfaces of your garden, spray them with BioEmpe vinegar, and it will be much easier to clean them.
  • If you have to eliminate the waste of water from a flower vase, submerge it for the time required in a solution of 1 part of BioEmpe vinegar and two parts of cold water. Rinse before using it again with flowers.
  • To maintain the flowers fresh longer in water, dissolve 2 tablespoons of wine vinegar and another 2 of sugar in the water of the flower. They will last longer.
  • A few weeds can wreak havoc on your lawn, garden or flower garden. Moreover they are even bothersome when they come out between the cracks of the curbs or at the entrances to the house. Forget the expensive and full of toxic ingredients herbicides. BioEmpe vinegar is truly effective to kill these unwanted herbs.



  • To keep the insects away from the countertops in the kitchen, wash the moldings which are against the wall and countertops with a solution of one part of wine vinegar and another part of water. Let it dry without rinsing; it not only works as insects repellent, but also as a disinfectant for the kitchen surfaces.
  • If you want to keep the ants away from the house, put wine vinegar in all the places where they normally go: baseboards, corners of doors, and windows, etc. Ants hate vinegar.
  • To get rid of flies and mosquitoes, fill a crystal bottle with white wine vinegar and make a few holes in the lid. Flies and mosquitoes are attracted by the smell of the vinegar, and they will be trapped inside the bottle.


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