1. We all know that lunch boxes and other food packaging can keep the bad odor over time. The vinegar can resolve these problems too. You can go over with a cloth soak in BioEmpe vinegar to their surfaces, or where the case is severe; you can leave a cloth soaked in vinegar inside the container for few hours to absorb the bad smell.
  2. To freshen the air: from smoke, mildew, pet odor, or smell left by a burn pot. The bad odor spoils the pleasant atmosphere that we all like enjoy in our houses. The only thing air fresheners do is disguise the bad smell with strong and obviously artificial aromas, creating hybrid smells that end up making the situation worse. Spray some BioEmpe vinegar in the room you want to freshen up; the vinegar neutralizes the bad smells thanks to the power of the acetic acid which the vinegar has to absorb them.
  3. In room where these has been a lot of smoking, you can eliminate the smoke and the tobacco’s smell by leaving a container with vinegar there the whole night.
  4. Also, a bowel full of vinegar placed in the newly painted room absorbs more or less completely the smells of paint.
  5. To eliminate bad odors that come from bacteria accumulated in drainpipes. Put in the drainpipe half cup of baking soda followed by 1 cup of BioEmpe vinegar. When the foam to be formed disappears, run some hot water, then waits for 5 minutes and run some cold water. This way you will finish with the bacteria that produce bad smells without using toxic products.


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