1. To remove dark spots from the skin, caused by acne. Mix one part of wine vinegar with 10 parts of water, keeping it in a clean glass bottle. Wash your face as usual and tap the skin with a cotton ball soaked in this solution. The vinegar helps the PH balance of the skin, healing the dark spots we have and preventing new ones.
  2. If you dye your hair, vinegar is perfect to maintain the hair color longer, by rinsing the hair with a solution of 1 part of red wine vinegar and 2 parts of cold water. The vinegar maintains the hair color by preventing the WASH effect that usually comes after a few weeks.
  3. If you have a mixed skin, a mixture of olive oil and wine vinegar is a great exfoliant. Mix them well and then extend the solution on the face and neck with a gentle message avoiding the eye area. Finally rinse with warm water.
  4. Vinegar is ideal for the beauty of our hair and skin. To have a bright hair it is necessary to keep our Brush or comb clean, in order to do that we can submerge them in vinegar and they are ready to use.
  5. Furthermore, wine vinegar is an excellent tonic for the skin if we mix it with the same water quantity. If we don’t like our freckles; we can reduce the tone thanks to this vinegar, and also the vinegar is a great aftershave lotion.
  6. The gargling of white vinegar avoid the bad breath. In addition to that we can whiten our teeth if we put a few drops of vinegar on our toothbrush once a week.
  7. if you want your manicure to last longer, before painting your nails go over them with a cotton ball soaked in white wine vinegar.
  8. A single natural and inexpensive product can leave the hair silky and bright? Also remove the accumulated residues? It might seem strange, but soaking the hair after shampoo with white wine vinegar works wonderfully. To remove the residue from the hair shafts and close the cuticles, by adding a half spoon of white wine vinegar, a cup of water and some drops of your favorite essential oil. Soak the hair with this solution, leave it for a few minutes and then rinse it with water.


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